13 Best Whole House Generators with a lot of Power in 2021

 You will agree with me when I say 

Find the right generator for your house is quite tricky.

If you are not sure about what kind of a generator to need to Read What Size Generator Do I Need

Well, we have compiled a list of the best whole house generator options that you must check out.

You can easily find out what home generator is the best for you. Make sure you read the review along with the buying guide and the frequently asked questions to find out which one is the best home generator.

Best Whole House Generator 2021:

Below we have compiled a list of the top whole house generators that you must check:

Whole House GeneratorRating
Briggs & Stratton 4500 power10 [Editor's Choice]
Jackery portable generator8
Duromax generator 12000 watts8
Generac 5500 gas power generator8.5
Duromax XP8500 generator 8
Rainier dual fuel portable generator7
Wen 4750 watts generator 7.5
Generac open frame generator 3500 watts8
Wen 3800 watts generator 7
Green Power America 5000 watts generator7
Champion 4000-watt open frame inverter generator7.5
Briggs and Stratton 4500 power Smart Series7
Briggs and Stratton 3000 watt generator7

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Briggs and Stratton 4500 P power Smart Series

Why we love it:

  • It has a wattage of 4500 watts
  • 4 stroke engine
  • 3.5-gallon tank capacity
❌Small fuel tank
✅RV ready generator
✅Compact and lightweight
✅Affordable choice

Jackery portable generator

Why we love it:

  • Portable
  • Perfect for whole-house use
  • Eco-friendly generator
✅Affordable choice
❌Not the best for handling the whole house load
✅Safe to use
❌Limited functionality
✅Highly portable, perfect for camping

Duromax generator 12000 watts

Why we love it:

  • Handles the load of the whole house
  • Has the engine of 457 cc
  • Has the running wattage of 9500 watts
✅Perfect for whole-house use
❌Not the easiest to navigate
✅Handle the heavy load of the house including generator and air condition
❌Limited running time at maximum power
✅Portable with wheels
✅The great value of money

Generac 5500 gas power generatorBest 5000-Watt Generator

Why we love it:

  • Output wattage is 5500 watts
  • 389 cc engine available
  • 10 hours running time
✅Portable generator
❌Does not provide the perfect value for money
✅Highly functional
❌A little expensive
✅Reliable and long-lasting

Duromax XP8500 generator

Why we love it:

  • powerful, long-lasting generator
  • Dual fuel technology available
  • 420 CC generator
✅Powerful 4 stroke generator
❌Not very quiet
✅Has electric start and recoil start also available
❌Unlimited fuel tank capacity
✅Perfect for the whole house
✅It can be used on propane and gasoline both

Rainier dual fuel portable generator

Why we love it:

  • Lightweight generator
  • Portable option
  • Comes with dual fuel Technology
✅4 stroke engine type
❌A little loud
❌Not the most portable option
✅Perfect value of money

Wen 4750 watts generator

Why we love it:

  • Has a tank capacity of 4 gallons
  • Maximum safety available
  • Reliable option
❌Does not have a dual fuel feature
✅Automatic shutdown available
❌Does not have the most robust engine
✅Two different start options available

Generac open frame generator 3500 watts

Why we love it:

  • Has the voltage of 120 volts
  • Quiet and portable
  • Parallel ready generator
✅Two types of starting options
❌Not portable
✅Affordable choice
❌Cannot handle a lot of loads
✅Easy to navigate

Wen 3800 watts generator

Why we love it:

  • 4 stroke engine type generator
  • Has an engine displacement of 212 cc
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
✅Four strokes lightweight generator
❌Limited support
✅Closed frame generator
❌Not good for heavy loads
✅Reliable and safe to use

Green Power America 5000 watts generator

Why we love it:

  • Portable gasoline generator
  • Open frame generator
  • Has the noise level of 74 decibel
[wpsm_divider top=”20px” bottom=”20px” style=”dotted”] [wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]
✅Affordable choice
❌A little loud
✅Comes with a lot of different features
❌Not the best in terms of easy navigation
✅Offers manual recoil start recoil start

Champion 4000-watt open frame inverter generator

Why we love it:

  • Open frame inverter generator
  • Manual start generator
  • Has the engine of 224 cc
✅Affordable price
❌Cannot handle a lot of loads
✅Easy to use and reliable option
❌Does not have an electric start option
✅17 hours running time

Briggs and Stratton 4500 power Smart Series

Why we love it:

  • 4 stroke generator
  • Has the tank capacity of 3.5 gallon
  • 16 hours usage at 25% load
✅Affordable option
❌Does not have the best support
Reliable choice
❌Limited functionality
✅Closed frame
✅Easily portable

Briggs and Stratton 3000 watt generator

Why we love it:

  • Quiet and easy to use
  • LCD available
  • Has the running wattage of 3000
✅1.5-gallon capacity
❌Expensive choice
✅Running time is 10 hours
❌Limited load capacity


Now that you have checked the perfect whole house generator, you must narrow down your choices for purchasing the best option. The above home generator reviews will help you determine which of these is the most appropriate. Moreover, the buying guide is also available for you to determine which of these standby generators review is the best fit for your house. It is also important that you check the many other features that are listed above.

The size and reliability matter is a lot. You must also check the warranty of the generator and ensure if there are appropriate features available for your house. Moreover, it is important that you see if the generator is capable of handling the load of the whole house and the running time is also important.

Buying guide:

What features to consider when getting the top whole house generator?

Below we have compiled a list of a few features that you must consider when getting the whole house generator. Make sure you check the generator features beforehand so that you don’t enter purchasing the wrong generator.


The first thing that you must consider is the size of the generator. It depends on you regarding what should be the size of the generator that you must look for. If you have a small house, you should not be looking for a generator that is 13000 Watts. It is better to look for a generator that can help you to provide appropriate support for optimal energy backup for the house. For a small house, this generator of a maximum of 4500 watts can be perfect.

For a medium-sized house, you should look for a generator that is up to 7000 watts. Besides that, it is also important that you to the generator according to the requirement. If you are planning to travel, you must look for a generator that is small in size and easily portable. If you are wondering how big of a generator do I need, you must consider the purpose and your requirement first. If you are sure about your requirement for the generator, you can definitely get a particular option. If you are unsure, then look for the generator that is best in terms of feature prices and for helping with appropriate energy backup.

Portable or standby

Portability is the next most important thing that you must check in the generator. Whether you plan to use it for the home, it still needs to have the wheels and folding handle to move it in your house or anywhere you want. Even if it is not the most lightweight option, you must consider having a generator with the appropriate wheel kit installed. A generator that is portable enough will provide you the best performance, and you can use it anywhere you want besides the house as well.

Portability will not only increase the functionality but also it will allow you to take it with you while you are camping or for office use as well.

However, if you are not looking for a portable generator, you can look for the standby generators that are appropriate for your house and the officers. There are two different types of generators available, having the feature of portability. Make sure you decide according to your requirement if you need a portable generator or looking for standby generator reviews.

Dual fuel

When you are looking for a full house generator, you must look for the fuel options as well. Most of the top-rated whole house generators come with dual-fuel options. The dual fuel option has been integrated into the generator to make them more functional. These dual-fuel options allow you to use two different fuels in case one of them is unavailable; you can use the generator on the other one. The enhanced functionality of these best home generators makes them even better for use. Some of the generators are functional or natural gas, while others work on gasoline. In most of the natural gas generator reviews, you will find if these are the best ones. There are some others as well that you must check. Some of the generators are also single fuel generators because they have limited functionality, but it still performed great.

Weight and durability

The weight of the power generators and the durability of these best generator for home use also need to be incredibly great. And whenever you are looking for the classy whole house generator reviews, you must check the weight and the durability of the generator. The full house generated needs to be durable and reliable. If it is not properly reliable, you might need to search for something else. Usually, the full house generator can provide you with great functionality, but it is also important that you check the brand and the model of the generator. Some of the generators have the feature that made them long-lasting. If the generated does not require a lot of maintenance and is reliable, you should definitely get it.


The next most important option to consider is the price of the generator. Whenever you are looking at the generator, you must ensure that the price is incredibly great as well. Some of the generators are also high-end generators. In that case, if you are investing in a high and generator, you must make sure that it is long-lasting and reliable enough. You must make sure that you are not saving some money and getting a low-quality generator. It is not worth it. Look for the generator that provides you the perfect value for money. These best home generators will help you for a very long time and would be perfect for you for long term use.


There are some of the most popular brands that are known for providing the best quality full house generator. It is important that you look for the whole house generators review from these top brands. It will ensure you to provide top-notch quality without any doubt. Some of the famous brands are Westinghouse, Wen, Honda, Generac, and many others. You must ensure that you are checking these top-notch brands whenever you are purchasing the whole house generator. These generators by some of the top-rated brands are a perfect choice to look for.

Fuel tank

The fuel tank is also another important feature to consider. Some of the fuel tanks are small; therefore, the generator cannot work for a long time. Therefore it is important when you are looking for a whole house generator. The generator has to be good enough to support the whole house. Whenever the tank size is small, you must look for the size that is appropriate for your house. Most of the dual-fuel generators offer two different fuel tanks. It is better to look for the dual fuel option rather than looking for a single fuel option because it provides better functionality and enhanced performance.


The noise of the generator can be irritating if you are getting a loud generator. The generator needs to be good enough to have limited sound. If the noise is super high, it can irritate not only you but also your neighbors. So make sure you check the noise level whenever you are getting the generator. The noise level should not be more than 70 DBA. Also, there should be a noise muffler available to ensure that it is masking the noise and it is not irritating the other people around you.

Starting of the generator

There are most of the top-rated whole house generators that come with two different starting options. One is the electric start option, and the other one is the recoil start option. However, there are some of the generators that offer only one option. It is better and ideal to look for the option that has both of the starting options available. This provides you with better help in case the electric start system is not working. You can always use the recoil start system.

Running time

The running time of most of the generator varies from one to another. It is very important that we check the running time before you finally purchase any generator. The running time needs to be at least 8 to 10 hours. If it is less than that, you should consider finding out a better option.

Maintenance and navigation

These two are the other features that are important to consider. The maintenance and navigation are important to consider as not everyone can use the generator. If the navigation is easy, anyone can understand what is happening with the generator and what the status is. The maintenance needs to be easy and simple enough for anyone to work on.


Most of the generators come with a warranty of 3 years. However, it is important that you make sure if the warranty is available or not. If there is no warranty available, you must make sure that you look for the appropriate option that has a warranty and will last for a long time.


One last feature that you must consider is the safety feature. Safety is very important when you are getting the whole house generator. You must ensure that the generator is equipped with the features of auto shut off in case of an emergency. In that case, you will be safe, and your house will be safe as well.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best whole house generator?

When you are looking for the best have Sunita, you will come across many options. The above 15 options are some of the top-notch or items that you must consider. If you need our opinion regarding the great whole house generator, then you should consider this the 12000 watts generator for your house.

What should be the size of the durable whole house generator?

The size of the full house generators varies based on the wattage and other details. However, it is better to look for options that are not very large in size. It is better to look for compact and lightweight options.

How much will the whole house generator cost?

The prices of the whole house generator can vary based on the design and the brand. However, it can cost you between the range of $500 to $2000. It is better to set your budget based on the requirement of the generator that you want for the house.


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