Types of Inverters & Their Applications

What is an inverter?

The inverter is an electrical converter that transforms DC into AC. Every household has different needs. So there’s a huge variety available in your budget range. Inverters are specially designed to make your life easy. As soon as there’s a power shutdown inverter helps you in managing things in such a situation. 

Types of inverter: 

There are 5 different types of the inverter. 

  1. High capacity inverter 
  2. Connected inverter 
  3. Standard inverter 
  4. Integrated inverter 
  5. Premium inverter 

High Capacity Inverter:

This inverter easily deals with heavy appliances. You can not only use it at home you can use it for commercial purposes as well. You can install it easily. It can easily carry a load of refrigerator, oven, iron, AC, dryer, or electric heater. When used for commercial purposes it can easily take a load of photocopiers, ultrasound machines, dental chairs, petrol pumps, etc. It is very safe and reliable for your appliances. It creates no noise when being started. You can easily see the battery status on its digital display. It has a built-in process that protects the inverter from overcharging or short-circuiting. It can easily carry the excessive load with a less number of batteries installed. It requires less space and is safe for every kind of environment. 

Connected Inverter:

These inverters can easily work with WiFi or Bluetooth. Through this, you can easily monitor the control of the inverter. All you have to do is install the app and you are good to go. You can easily manage voltage, battery level, or backup time. It also saves time consumption. 

Standard inverters: 

This inverter helps you in providing electricity when there is a power shutdown. It is very economical and budget friendly. It can work for longer hours and is very reliable. 

Integrated inverter: 

This is a combination of battery and inverter. They provide high voltage and have a proper backup system too. Although it is quite simple to use. You can operate it very easily. The batteries can stay upto 10 years. You can get its maintenance done after 3 years. It keeps you safe from current and power shocks. It has a digital display through which you can easily see the voltage and percentage of battery

Premium inverter: 

This is the most commonly used nowadays. It has a built in LCD display, proper backup system and high quality batteries. They use advanced technology. It is very economical and used worldwide because of its efficient and updated features. 

Sine Wave Inverter: 

This inverter produces electricity to the home. It helps in protecting your sensitive electronics. You can use any of your products without any risk of damage. It can be microwave, AC, refrigerator, gadget, laptop or television. Every other person is using a pure sine inverter these days. This converts AC current into DC. It easily handles the voltage. It is perfect for heavy power shut down. 

Battery inverter:

Battery inverters are specially invented to provide current and power for long time span. Every appliance works with the power of AC. Lifespan of a battery is totally dependent on the inverter. They are of 3 types. 

1.Lead Acid Batteries

2.Maintenance Free batteries

3.Tubular Batteries

Lead Acid Batteries: 

These batteries are used for high voltage appliances. They are easily rechargeable and work for a long time duration. Its warranty is up to 4 years and is totally reliable. This lead-acid battery is very lightweight and is most in demand. Installation is also very easy and the cost is very economical.

Maintenance-free batteries: 

These batteries are a bit expensive because they do not need any electrolytes. Although it doesn’t have a longer time duration. It can hardly work for one year. 

Tubular Batteries: 

These batteries are the most used ones. As they have low maintenance and work very efficiently. They are available in different sizes and designs that’s why it’s a bit expensive but worth it. 

Inverter wattage: 

All inverters are designed in a unique way. They have different capacities. They can easily carry 50 watts up to 50,000 watts. Whenever you purchase an inverter make sure to check its surge capacity. 

Electrical inverter: 

An Electric inverter converts DC into AC. All the batteries are connected to the grid and electricity is transformed. You can use it in your car to charge your phone or you can use a USB cable to listen to songs. For a car, you can choose a battery of up to 3000 watts. It is very economical and beneficial. 

Inverter size:

The inverter is a battery which you can use in your houses as well as in cars. You can easily power all your appliances but before purchasing make sure to figure out the size of inverter you require. Once you figure it out then you can opt for the inverter according to your need. For example, if you want it to attach to a laptop then you should get 90 watts. If you want it for your television than go with 250 watts. 

Battery with inverter:

If you are planning to purchase an inverter for sure, make sure to check the power requirement beforehand. Your neighbor’s power needs would be different from your house. For instance, you want to install 4 fans, 3 tube lights, 1 AC, and a television. You calculate all the watts altogether and then see the result purchase an inverter with that wattage. An inverter without a battery is nothing. All the weight and load carried by the inverter are all because of the battery as it is said to be the backbone. Before purchasing check the battery life so that in the future you don’t have to stress about its maintenance.

Watt inverter: 

Watt inverter

Watt inverters directly take current from the battery and source it forward converting it into electricity. These inverters can easily be used for a huge range of applications. 

500-watt inverter: 

It is small in size and is very economical. It can easily be used with solar panels. Every inverter has a power button which is used for on and off. You can use a laptop, small room fridge, tablet or cell phone on this inverter. 

1000 watt inverter: 

It is medium in size. It has a built-in cooling fan inside which helps in cooling down the device when it gets heat up. It is very reliable and durable. It is made up of fine quality metal. It can also be used with solar panels. 

2000 watt inverter: 

It has a charging port and is a bit heavy. It is a bit costly because of its structure and design. You can easily use a refrigerator, AC, Microwave, Television, etc.

Peak power inverters: 

Peak power inverters work very well. If you are watching television for 1 hour the average watts will be 30. So, there should be peak power inverters that can easily manage the watts and time duration together. It is portable and can be used to charge your gadgets in the car

Inverter capacity: 

Whosoever says that an inverter can’t handle load is wrong. Inverters can easily manage your house whenever there’s a power shut down.  Inverters have different capacities. Lightweight and less capacity will only work for homes. But bigger in size and having big capacity can easily be used for offices, industries, and hospitals.


How much power does an inverter need to work?

Sine wave inverters are made up of vast technology and have an output efficiency of 92%. If you add a juicer blender to it then 750 W divided by the board voltage of 11 volts approximately. The reason is that blenders will be used for 7 to 8 minutes only. 

How much battery capacity do you require with an inverter?

There should be at least 12% inverter capacity to work. To keep it working your battery capacity should be 45%.  If you want to work 24 hours then battery capacity should be 100% to keep it going.

Do inverters have a standby switch?

Yes, the inverter have a standby switch. The purpose of this switch is to transfer the load and save energy. You can attach it with the appliances you are using. Although the power consumption remains zero. 

Can a computer be attached with an inverter?

Yes, you can easily attach it to your computer. Your computer will be safe and no chances of any errors. The battery is combined with a battery charger to manage it. You can easily attach a laptop as well. Consider it as a backup of your problems.  

What are a few appliances you can not source with an inverter?

You can attach almost every appliance with the inverter but there are few exceptions. You cannot attach a water heater or AC with it as it demands a lot of power. Although an inverter can easily handle the load the capacity of the battery is not according to such heavy loads so it’s at times a problem to manage such appliances. The things you use for a few time periods for instance laptop or drier are totally fine with it as they don’t consume much energy. Heavy appliances demand huge energy and for that battery of high voltage should be installed. If you take a risk by turning Ac on with an inverter having low capacity voltage your appliance will crash. 

Does an inverter require ventilation?

No, the inverter demands less ventilation. People who are using it for less time duration can cross ventilate from a window. But if you are using it at a larger scale than a proper area should be devoted to it as ventilation is very important. It helps you clean the area and produce power. 

What is no-load?

It is when current is produced but the inverter is not taking any load and is just saving all the power in it.

Can an inverter be charged with the Generator?

Yes, you can easily charge your inverter with a generator. 

Where should inverters be installed outdoors or indoors?

You can install it both ways. If you are installing it at home then make sure to install it inside. Keep it where the surface is clean and dry and you have a proper ventilation system. But if you are installing it outdoors make sure you have a huge space. Always keep it in a safe place where there is no direct sunlight or rain. 

How to install an inverter?

When you purchase an inverter you get a guide with it. Once you read it you get to know all the steps and installation will be easy for you. In any case, you are unable to install it yourself you can contact the service provider. They will provide you with a professional person who is well aware of all the processes and is experienced too. 

When installing an inverter which wires should be used?

While installing you can use both copper and aluminum wire. Aluminum is very economical and lightweight although copper is a bit heavy and expensive too. 

What is the lifespan of an inverter and batteries?

The time duration of an inverter totally relies upon the environment. If it is placed in an environment where it is all dry and has a proper ventilation system then it can easily work up to 10 years. The time duration of batteries depends on how long you use them. 

Do inverters have a warranty?

Almost every inverter has a warranty. The warranty period depends on the brand you choose. Few brands offer 2 years warranty and few brands give warranty of 3 year

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