Generator Transfer Switch [Automatic & Manual Guide]

If you want to keep your family safe then getting a transfer switch is a must thing.

A generator switch is easily usable. You can easily attach it with a refrigerator or boiler.

The generator will directly transmit energy to the device. The transfer switch works by a proper circuit. You can make one switch and plug others into the circuit and it will work. 

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Transfer switch:

It is an electrical device that helps in keeping the generated supply separated from diesel. It can only provide electricity to the products in your house which are connected with it.  

There are 2 kinds of transfer switches.

  1. Manual Transfer Switch
  2. Automatic Transfer Switch

Manual Transfer Switch:

This switch is used along with a diesel generator. It is used to connect between the mains and generator when load shedding happens.

This manual transfer switch helps you to just push the lever and switch on your generator.   

Automatic Transfer Switch:

This switch is associated with diesel generators. It is connected between the mains and generator when there is a power shutdown.

The generator will start and stop according to the supply. The system is already set and it works automatically

Types of Transfer Switches:


If you are installing a generator then make sure to get a transfer switch along. They are of 4 types. 

  1. Open Transition Transfer Switch
  2. Closed Transition Transfer Switch
  3. Soft Loading Transfer Switch
  4. Static Transfer Switch

Open Transition Transfer Switch:

This switch can easily break the connection from one circuit to another before the connection. It helps in preventing any sort of back feeding in the services. There occurs a huge disconnection while you are using this switch. Although the time duration of the disconnection is not long enough, it’s contribution plays an important role in the electrical system. This open transition transfer switch is easy to use in emergency situations.  

Closed Transition Transfer Switch:

This closed transition transfer switch will easily connect with the new circuit without any breakdown of any other circuit. It omits the loss of power. The only thing you need to make sure is that the size of the generator and the size of the switch is equal so that it can easily handle the load. Generator and switch need to function synchronized otherwise it will automatically transfer into an open transition transfer switch. 

Soft Loading Transfer Switch:

This switch helps you in managing your current and voltage. This switch is very useful in protecting your generator and keeping your home secure. 

Static Transfer Switch:

This switch is designed according to the requirement and needs. It uses semiconductors to attach between various power sources and circuits. This is not that reliable for homes but is perfect for offices and industries.

Portable generator transfer switch:

A portable transfer switch is designed to use the generator easily. A small connector with an interlock lock device is made. You can easily attach the portable generator with the switch or panel.

Whole house transfer switch:

Portable generators are mostly used for homes. The machinery is small in size and can easily be dragged from one point to another. It has a proper internal combustion engine powered by diesel and gas. These generators are budget-friendly and can easily handle the entire house power with one transfer switch. 

Generator transfer switch kit:

When you purchase a generator you get a transfer switch. It includes all the important and essential items which can easily help you in transferring the power from your generator to your home appliances. The kit is designed according to the size of the generator. It contains 2 poles. It can handle up to 240 volts. One is an automatic switch kit and one is a manual switch kit. In the manual switch kit, there’s a huge steel box attached with 6 poles of circuit breaker and non-defeatable double-throw switches. 

Electric transfer switch:

The electrical transfer switch works automatically. If there’s no electricity, the power switch will automatically sense it and will turn on the generator on its own. When electricity comes back, the transfer switch will automatically turn off. 

Transfer switch for portable generator:

Transfer switch helps you in transferring power to your home. For a portable generator, you should install a manual transfer switch. It is quite easy to operate. It gives you the relaxation that you don’t have to stay in the dark for a long time duration. It’s just one tap away. 

Power transfer switch:

Power transfer switch which helps in transferring the power from one to another. So if there’s load shedding then the transfer switch will automatically connect your generator with the electricity system and will transfer power. It is very safe and is very economical as well. 

Home generator transfer switch:

When you install a generator at your home make sure to first attach a transfer switch with it. Basically, a transfer switch is a piece of infrastructure that can help you in your home generator.  

200 amp manual transfer switch:

A 200 Amp manual transfer switch plays a very vital role in today’s era. It can easily help you in emergency situations. It is designed in a proper way that it can be handled easily. You can operate it with a simple tap. 

Manual transfer switch for generators:

Manual transfer switches are very economical and are available easily. Installation is quite easy. You can attach it with a portable generator. The only thing you have to do is that whenever there is a power shutdown you have to change the switch manually in order to get electricity. Most of the people are in favor of manual transfer switches for generators as it is very easy to operate. 

Generator transfer switch panel:

A transfer switch is mandatory to install with a generator. It helps you with big problems. At times there’s some fluctuation and you don’t know what to do. Only this switch will help you from any dangerous mishap. Try not to save a few amounts by not purchasing it. You can face its consequences later. For instance, in your society, they are changing a transformer and there’s no electricity for a certain time duration. You start your generator and the transfer switch is not attached and you will get a current direct from the transformer. It can cause a serious injury to the person who is already installing a transformer.


What are the risks of not using a transfer switch? 

There are various risks of not using a transfer switch. By not using a transfer switch you can risk your family’s life. If you don’t use it you can face electricity problems or it can pass heavy current in your wires. By this, you can have short-circuiting at your place. It can easily cause a fire to your home or your workplace.

How much does a transfer switch cost?

The prices are quoted according to the design and size of the product. Every brand has different prices. The cost of the transfer switch totally depends upon the size and shape of the generator. Automatic switches are way more costly than manual ones. 

How to Choose the Right Transfer Switch?

When purchasing a transfer switch make sure that it can easily manage the highest capacity of the generator you are having. Whenever you plan to change your generator make sure to change the switch as well. Try that the voltage of the switches is equal to the generator as extra power can create problems down the line, When you purchase it make sure you have all the items in the kit like wires, switches, cords, and panels. It can easily save your money by installing it yourself. You will save all your labor costs. 

Which Transfer Switch is Right for Me?

Both the switches are very easy to operate. But manual transfer switches are economical and have different designs. It is small in size so it can be installed quickly. It requires less space. If you are installing it at home make sure that the switch is according to the voltage of your home appliances so that it works properly. 

Can I Install a Generator Transfer Switch Myself?

Yes, you can install a generator transfer switch by yourself. If you have any experience in dealing with electronics machinery then you can easily deal with it. If you are confident enough to handle all the wires then go for it. Many people call electricians to install a generator and its switch but if you once read its guide you can easily install it.

What is the importance of professional installation?

At times there’s a high voltage current in wires and a normal person cannot detect it. So, a trained electrician can easily handle it according to his experience. The switches need to match all the safety standards which only professional and licensed electricians can handle. They can easily handle the size of the switch by matching the power capacity of the backup generator. The professionals are very much aware of the safety measures to be taken. 

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