13 Best 10,000 Watt Generators in 2021 【Portable Generators】

 The 10,000 watt generator is the best option for people looking to run multiple appliances with a lot of power requirement 

These generators are the top alternative to the usual conventional devices used to provide electricity to homes during power shortage.

However, the best 10000 watts generator will provide an efficient amount of energy to fulfill your needs in the time of need.

Moreover, these generators are portable and will accomplish your needs more efficiently.

Now, you don’t fear the electricity breakout if you have such an excellent device for you.

The 10,000 watts generator will power most of your electric appliances with ease without worrying about the capacity.

Best 10000 Watt Generator 2021:

Here is the list of top 10000-Watt Generator

DuroMax XP12000EH Generator
10 [Editors Choice]
HONDA EB10000 Industrial Generator
Rainier R12000DF Portable Generator
RP12000EGas Powered portable Generator
Durostar Electric Start Portable Generator
DuroMax Gas Powered Portable Generator
All Power AmericaDual Fuel Portable Generator
Champion Power Equipment generator
A-iPower Gasoline Powered Generator
Pulsar Dual Fuel Generator
Ford 11,050W Dual Fuel Portable Generator
WEN Dual Fuel Portable Generator

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DuroMax XP12000EH Generator

Why we love it?

  • The generator has 18HP, 457cc OHV engine.
  • It can run with propane and gasoline
  • You can choose the voltages between 120 to 240 volts
  • The product is EPA and CRB approved
  • Best 10,000 watts portable generator up till now
✅10,000 w generator with Duramax MX 2 technology❌The device has no remote start
✅You can choose the fuel of your choice to operate the device
✅The device has 12,000 starting watts and 9,500 running watts
✅The product is approved for the home back up

HONDA EB10000 Industrial Generator

Why we love it?

  • The generator is for industrial use with 10,000 watts power
  • It’s portable because of its solid frame and durable wheels.
  • It works with 73 to 76 dB in inverter mode and 115 DB with the load.
  • The device is both for commercial and residential use.
  • The generator operates with gas and condensation of water.
✅The product comes with GSCI protection.❌The product may be heavy and expensive.
✅You can start the device quickly with electric ignition.
✅The generator is equipped with Honda oil alert technology.
✅Quietest 10,000 watts generator with facilitative features

Rainier R12000DF Portable Generator

Why we love it?

  • The device offers 10800 watts on running and 8500 running watts on propane.
  • The gasoline starting watts are 12500, and running watts are 9500
  • The device uses 6.6 gallons of fuel.
  • The generator is EPA and CRB certified
  • The product includes the variable receptacles for powering the appliances.
✅The product is affordable and can work well to provide electricity.❌The generator may be heavy.
✅Its electric start and has noise control features
✅It’s the best portable generator with 10,000 watts.
✅It runs smoothly and provides efficient working hours.

RP12000EGas Powered portable Generator

Why we love it?

  • The generator starts with 15,000 watts having working watts of 12,000
  • The product is started with electric ignition.
  • It has 670cc gallons capacity.
  • Can operate with variable receptacles
  • The device has a twist lock and protective cover.
✅The product will facilitate you in times of need.❌The product may be pricy for some people
✅It won't make noise and would help you in powering your electric appliances.
✅There are twist outlets and can work with a variable receptacle.
✅Best 10 kW generator with an ideal fuel capacity

Durostar Electric Start Portable Generator

Why we love it?

  • Its fuel capacity is 8.3 gallons, and the noise level is 72 dB
  • The device has an 18 HP 440cc OHV engine.
  • You can operate the heavy-duty power tools with 8,000 working watts.
  • The product comes with automatic oil shut off.
  • The product weighs 260 pounds.
✅Its run time is 10 hours and would run the appliances efficiently.❌The product comes with a recoil start system.
✅The durable and compatible device to receive variable receptacles
✅It’s the best 10,000 w generator with impressive features.
✅It comes with a voltmeter and 12 v charging posts to charge the external batteries.

DuroMax Gas Powered Portable Generator

Why we love it?

  • The device has18HP, 440cc DuroMax OHV engine.
  • Its starting watts are 10,000, and the running watts are 8,000
  • It can run your heavy-duty home appliances.
  • Its noise level is 72 dB
  • It can use 120- and 240-volts receptacles.
✅The device is ideal to power the home appliances with an energy-efficient feature.❌It's huge and there is no remote start.
✅The generator has noise suppression and a light rumble.
✅It’s the 10,000-watt portable generator to fulfill your needs.
✅Its running time is long and can serve you best for the home back up.


Why we love it?

  • Its running watts for gas are 9500 and for propane are 8500
  • Its fuel capacity is 6.6 gallons.
  • Has L14-40 120/240V twist-lock and 5-20R 120 house duplex
  • Comes with a self-charging battery
  • The product is certified by EPA and CARB.
✅The generator can be operated on gas and propane.❌It May be expensive and heavy.
✅The device is energy efficient with some favorable features.
✅The starting and using time is much facilitative with voice control features.
✅The 10000 watts silent generator with home and commercial receptacles

All Power AmericaDual Fuel Portable Generator

Why we love it?

  • The device has a peak power of 10000 watts for gas and 8500 watts for LPG
  • The generator has a 5 HP 420cc OHV air-cooled engine
  • It has 8 gallons capacity
  • It can start with electric ignition and recoil feature
  • Comes with 4 X AC duplex and 120 V outlets
✅It can manage the electricity breakouts with ease❌It may be expensive and a bit heavy
✅It has multiple outlets to serve you with the best possible option
✅It can be operated with gas and propane
✅The product is EPA and CARB certified to save you and your family

Champion Power Equipment generator

Why we love it?

  • It wireless, electric push start with a battery.
  • The device is an upgraded version of 3500 watts generators.
  • Its starting watts are 4000 watts.
  • The starting watts for gasoline are 3500, and it can run for 17 hours.
  • The noise level is 64 dB
✅It can start quickly for any unusual condition.❌It consumes a large amount of gas.
✅The generator has an advance open frame with an inverter design.
✅The device comes with 3-year limited warranty with lifetime technical support.
✅You can operate the generator from 80 feet away with a key fob remote control.

A-iPower Gasoline Powered Generator

Why we love it?

  • The product has 12000 starting watts with 9000 running watts
  • Has 7 gallons of capacity and runs for 9 hours
  • Comes with built-in Dc charging plug
  • Never-flat wheels provide the effortless mobility
✅The generator has the facilitative size and steel engine❌The product may have a low run time
✅The product can be moved easily
✅Ideal for home and commercial use
✅Best option to use for the blackouts

Pulsar Dual Fuel Generator

Why we love it?

  • Its peak running time is 10000 watts for gas and 9000 watts for LPG
  • Has 20cc, 4-stroke, OHV air-cooled engine
  • The tank capacity is 6.6 gallons
  • Can run for 12 hours
  • Seamless transition between gas and LPG
✅You can run it quickly and it provides the variable options to start❌The frame is solid but wheels can be separated while moving
✅You can choose the fuel option that could be comfortable for you
✅It can work well under any circumstances
✅The quite 10000 watts generator with two years warranty option

Ford 11,050W Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Why we love it?

  • The device has an 18 HP 457cc OHV engine with automatic low oil shut-off
  • Has 6.6 gallons of capacity
  • Comes with 10-hours of run time
  • The product has 9000run watts for gas and 8100 watts for propane
  • The device is ideal to run heavy-duty electric tools and appliances
✅The generator has the maximum capacity for the fuel and provides efficient energy hours❌It’s quite heavy
✅Has variable receptacles outlets with oil indicator
✅Its weight is 196 pounds and easily portable
✅The product starts with electric push and lets you get the multiple benefits

WEN Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Why we love it?

  • The generator operates with surge watts of 1100 for gasoline and 9500 for propane
  • You can switch the gas and LPG via the switch dialer
  • It automatically shifts the voltages from 120 to 240 volts
  • Has 6.6 gallons capacity
  • Can be used for 8.5 hours
✅The product is CARB certified with a durable frame❌It may have a short run time
✅You can use the device for several hours to power the electric tools
✅It has variable outlets to transfer the energy
✅It's affordable and easy to use

Buyer’s guide

Sometimes you may experience unusual circumstances and it’s difficult to stay in dark. The generator would help you in getting out of this situation with ease. I have listed some perfect 10000 watts generators to serve you well and to provide the ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Well, I have mentioned the detailed reviews for your assistance but, there are some gross features that you should watch before buying any generator for yourself.

Let’s have a look.

Power output and fuel consumption

Most generators come with peak and rated power output. The peak power is used to start and stabilize the device while the rated power would help to run the device with ease. Thus, it’s comprehensive to watch for the best power output that could be suitable for you.

The dual fuel generator is the best option to buy because it will cut your fuel cost, and you can transfer the energy anytime. However, the list includes the most products having dual-fuel options. Thus, you will love the operating system while using the devices.

Weight and size

The 10000 watts generator is heavy and comes with handles and wheels. The size is big, and you can easily move the product by its handle and wheels. Thus, portability is not a big deal for these devices. The suitable weight maybe 250 pounds and less than that.

Runtime and outlets

It’s quite evident from the watts that 10000 watts generator has a longer run time with variable outlets to serve the people. The common outlets include 12 v DC, 120 volts, 120/240 volts twist-lock.

The run time is variable and may range from 8 to 17 hours. It’s your choice what type of device do you like for yourself.

Price and warranty

The generators are affordable if we see its working technology. It’s the best outcome of the money, and you should buy with favorable features for yourself. The devices come with 1 to 3 years of warranty and ideal to use for home and commercial use.

Thus, you should buy a generator that could help you in a long run. The variable features and the variable outlets would allow you to use the device for multiple uses. the devices are best for home and commercial use and would provide you the comfort. The generators with peak and rated powers are precisely described to let you have an idea about the best suitable option for you.

How much a 10,000 watts generator run?

The power shortage is no more a nightmare for you because the best 10,000 watts portable generator will serve you with the right purpose. You can power on your fridge, AC, washing machine, and all other high voltage appliances. The facility to deliver accurate action is the primary purpose of this device.

By using the 10,000 watts generator you can make your life easy and comfortable. You can get the complete benefits of this device in time of power shortage. The device would help you in arranging your important events in the countryside. Because of its portability, you can use it anywhere.

Some best 10,000 watts generators available in market

It’s not easy to find a generator that could be energy efficient and can complete your required tasks. The 10,000 watts generator can provide you comfort and ease when you need it. Thus, I have compiled a list of the 13 best 10,000 watts generators to serve you well. Let’s find out the detail.


The durable 10000-watt generator is listed here to serve you with impressive and facilitative products. You can watch the features to buy the products. These are top-rated products available in the market and have excellent fuel capacity with impressive engine function. Moreover, runtime and outlets are variable to use the device with ease.

You can’t get anything better than these listed products. Thus, buy the one to deal with natural disasters.


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